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How to Distinguish Food Containing Formalin and borax
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As we know the food intake is the most important for health. That is why the need for food is the main thing for everyone. By eating foods your body will be much more powerful energy booster, especially for someone who is doing a lot of daily activities. So that's important for us to not carelessly and jelih dala choosing food. Especially now that a lot of ordinary uyang food we consume daily contain preservatives such as formaldehyde and borax. Both materials tersebit extremely harmful to health if consumed frequently. Usually in this case a lot of people who do not know how to distinguish foods containing formaldehyde and borax. So therefore at this time we will discuss the foods that contain formaldehyde and borax what you can say.

Formalin is an organic compound that is formed naturally, which is used to preserve wood, insecticides, dyes, glass making materials, cosmetic preservatives and mengawet corpse. But now formalin jusru even misused as a food mixture that serves to mengawetkkan food for durability. As for borax itself has almost the same function sepert formalin. Borax is a mixture of minerals with high concentrations of salt that is used as a wood preservative, insect killers to as the manufacture of solder. This material is often used in the industry and if the borax into the human body it would be very dangerous to one's health. Keurasakan including liver, kidney, brain, causing impaired formation of urine and many others.

Well, that's some danger if you unwittingly often consume hazardous materials such as borax and formaldehyde. Whereas now so many rogue traders who deliberately mixing the hazardous materials on merchandise, especially on food. This is done with the aim of untuki reduce losses. This method is fairly powerful to do. Because the food has a time limit to be consumed or known as stale. With the use of borax and formaldehyde they can make their food production to be more durable so they do not have to spend more to buy the ingredients in food.

For ordinary people certainly have problems to deal with rogue traders who are senagaja mixing borax or formaldehyde into food merchandise with the aim to reap high profits. But the danger is quite high, as much as possible the need to know how to distinguish between foods that contain formaldehyde and borax. Langsng just note the following review!

Food Containing Formalin
As described above formaldehyde is a chemical compound that can be used to make non-perishable foods. To distinguish foods containing formalin then immediately note the following review!
Foods containing formalin will feel more supple
The food does not smell because of odor-causing bacteria and germs exterminated by insects.
The food is not exposed to flies
Food more striking colors and shiny compared in general.


Food Containing Borax
Food will have a softer texture.
The food will taste bitter but tasty
The food feels more supple as foods containing formulin
Has a bright color.
Now that's some indication of food containing borax and formulin what you can say. So and hopefully useful!

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