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Type People Liked By Mosquitoes
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Each person would have wondered why he was often in a mosquito bite while already using lation or other insect repellant. Now dealing with such matters we will describe below. As we know mosquitoes is one kind of small animal very dangerous and needs to be aware of our body when it bites. Because circuitry mosquito bites can transmit and carry a variety of diseases. According to experts mosquito control in the United States named Joseph M. Conlon stated that mosquitoes like people who produce certain chemicals on the skin. These chemicals may be produced by people who have a certain criteria.

Before we discuss the criteria of those favored by mosquitoes. Would be much better if you know in advance when and how to prevent it. In the summer it is today is very identical to the number of insects, especially mosquitoes. Usually this type of female mosquitoes bite alone is often the human body. This is because the female mosquitoes require amino acids from the blood that is useful to the egg cell. Amino acids can be derived from human blood is sucked. Refractive mosquito bites will leave a mark with itchy red bumps which is a body's reaction to the saliva of mosquitoes. People are very susceptible to mosquito bites while in the morning and afternoon. Because the insect time searching for food.

It is generally a mosquito will bite any humans and other creatures that aims to sustain the species. However, there are several types of human beings more often in the mosquito bite. Well here is the type of person that is preferred by mosquitoes, including the following!

Pregnant mother
For those criteria favored by mosquitoes are pregnant women, this is because they contain carbohydrates. Meanwhile, when the female mosquito bites require carbon dioxide, so therefore that's favored by mosquitoes. According to the results of research in 2002 found that pregnant women breathed kardioksida 21 percent more than those who are not pregnant. Not only that pregnant women can also emit volatile smell like insects, including mosquitoes. So because of that reason that pregnant women often bite of mosquitoes.

People who Sweating
If you are one of those people who have the production of sweat more than others. So naturally if you are more frequent in the mosquito bite. According to a study conducted by Conlon stated that, this one insect likes moist places. People are often very humid sweaty and besides sweat that comes out contains lactic acid which is highly favored by mosquitoes. Hence the reason why mosquitoes love to bite people often sweat.

A person with blood type O
Character likeable in the next mosquito is someone who has blood type O. This is because people who have had blood type O can emit a very distinctive smell which is very favored by mosquitoes than other blood types. Well for those of you who have blood type O are reasonable if you are more often bitten by mosquitoes in any condition.

Now that's an explanation of those favored by mosquitoes that you can know. So and this time hopefully explanation can benefit us all.

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